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2018 World Championship Promos

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th October 2018

We're just six (6) days away from the kickoff of the 2018 World Championships in Sydney, Australia. But for those of us unable to make it down under, today marks the start of the three week Global Chairman's Challenge! We've been coy about what those promos are, but today we are coy no longer. Take a peek at the 2018 World Championship Promos:

Restore Victims Geological Survey 1,000 Tribbles - Cheat

Aren't these beautiful? Johnny and his art team really knocked these out of the park. Of course, these have been produced on the classic diffraction rainbow foil paper, so they'll just knock your socks off once you see them. Note: Geological Survey will be getting an errata to match the new name you see here. Until then, they are considered the same mission.

Everyone that plays in the World Championships in Australia will receive a copy of the appropriate foil just for participating. But if the trip to Sydney wasn't in the cards (pun very much intended), then don't forget about the Global Chairman's Challenge! If you play in any event between today, Friday, October 5th and Sunday, October 21st, you'll be entered to win a promo of your very own. But you can get bonus entries by playing on the actual Worlds weekend, October 11th through 14th, or by accepting one of the Chairman's Challenges:

First Edition: Door-Net: Seed a Q-Flash to open a Q Continuum side deck, and seed two (2) or more copies like dilemmas. Note: You still have to follow your format's rules, so if playing OTF, you're limited to two (2) copies beneath missions.

Second Edition: Go Back Whence Thou Camest: Use the two Q-themed missions from Symbiosis, Deneb Approach and Q's Planet. You can use them with any affiliation and any other missions. Note: Your draw deck will be limited to forty (40) cards.

Tribbles: The Higher ... The Q-er: Use the Trouble deck in your Tribbles game.

No matter how you end up getting your hands on one, we hope you love and appreciate these dazzling foils to celebrate the 2018 World Championships. Don't forget to play games and, most of all, have fun doing it!

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