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Confront, Evade, Retreat, ACQUIRE!

by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative Manager

9th October 2018

34th Rule of Acquisition

As we all know, war is good for business! To make UK Nationals extra competitive this year, we've added a special prize foil for the participants to compete for!

Yes, in addition to the usual TrekCC prize foils, and the cash prize for the winner (half the total entry fees) there will be a special prize: A 34th Rule of Acquisition foil - one of a limited number of hard to acquire tournament foils produced by Decipher in the early 2000's.

This rare foil card often retails for a high value on many websites (when available), so the Continuing Committee is pleased to be able to allow true players of the game to acquire one without the usual high financial cost! Will this final card help you complete a "full consortium" of Decipher cards?

This prize foil will be awarded by the tournament director (myself) for the "most impressive performance". Does this just mean winning the tournament? No, not necessarily. Maybe you've defeated a long time adversary. Maybe it's a newer player defeating an established tournament veteran. Maybe you've designed something completely out of the box. Maybe you've taken "War is good for business" to heart and blown up an opponent's facility in every round? The job here is to impress me, and you will be rewarded!

UK Nationals is on 24th November 2018 from 10.30am at FanBoy3 in Manchester. Join us for 4 rounds of OTF and (as per tradition for most European tournaments) a few drinks! Pre-register HERE. Eight players are currently pre-registered and at least 4 more have verbally committed to attend what could be the biggest European Tournament this year!

In addition to the above, a limited number of sealed boosters from "The Motion Pictures" and "Blaze of Glory" will also be available as prizes - maybe you can acquire an ultra rare foil or James T. Kirk?

The Continuing Committee would like to give special thanks to our benefactor, the very generous Alan French for his donation of this rare foil card and hard to find boosters to the UK prize pool this year!

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