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World Championship Trek - Coming Soon!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th September 2008

For years, the league known as WCT - World Championship Trek - has entertained players in the greater New Jersey area. But more than that, it's also spread to England, Ohio, and other areas of the United States. Now, WCT is poised to spread all over the world as it becomes the official league system of The Continuing Committee.

League play is designed to keep players playing during the "off-season," but will also help recruit new players. But don't fret, because WCT is a supplement to the normal tournament system - you can run league events as standard tournaments.

Details are coming soon, but we can tell you that players will earn points when they play in league events based on their placement and the size of the event. More players means more points! These points will be used to earn prizes and to qualify for special events. At the end of each season, qualifying players square off in a playoff to determine the league champion!

Each league will have a quantity of special foils to give out to the winners - foils that won't be available anywhere else! In addition, each year will feature a League Championship Invitational, held slightly before the World Championship - that will offer a Day 1 Round 1 and Day 1 Round 2 bye into the World Championship!

There are plenty of reasons to form and participate in a league - to keep the game going, to recruit new players, and to win a share of prizes you can't get anywhere else. But most importantly, a league allows everyone the thrill of competition as they battle for a World Championship Trek title.

Stay tuned... details are coming soon!

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