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Global Chairman's Challenge Winners

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

3rd November 2018

With the 2018 World Championships in the books, it's time to announce the winners of Global Side Event Chairman's Challenge. This competition was to give a chance for players all around the world to win one of the three world championship promos. Players could earn an entry for playing any of the three games the weekend before, the weekend of, and the weekend after Worlds. Additionally, bonus entries were available for players that played the weekend of Worlds, and for player that accepted one of the Chairman's Challenges.

Our Director of Communications, Daniel Matteson, went through all the tournaments during the eligible period and collected a list of entries. For First Edition there were forty-five (45) entries, and here are your five winners:

The five people above will soon have a shiny Restore Victims in their hands. Meanwhile, there were one-hundred and thirty-five (135) entries for the Second Edition contents. The five winners of the Lapedias System (Geological Survey) foil are:

Finally, we have our Tribbles winners! These five people were drawn from a list of one-hundred and thirty-one (131) entries, and will be getting a foil, alternate-image 1,000 Cheat:

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's World's Side Event challenge! We hope you all had fun playing Trek with friends, even if you didn't win the drawing. Those of you that are winners, you'll see orders for your promos appear in The Promenade shortly, and we'll get these cards out to you soon.

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