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Bomb's Away!

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

30th November 2018

There are three themes in Shattered Mirror.  Two have been revealed in several previews in various venues.  They are the Mirror Universe being introduced as a stand-alone headquarters and the Klingons getting a chance in the spotlight of an expansion.


There is a third theme appearing in Shattered Mirror.  Though more of a sub theme in volume, the pitch was events or personnel that get activated when a mission is solved by your opponent.  Think of Soft Sell which plays on an incomplete mission and when it’s solved, stuff happens.  Think of Duras, Son of a Traitor who is at a mission when solved can kill a solver of their choice.


Consider them to be Duras Bombs.


Oddly enough, there aren’t a lot of cards that do this and even fewer that were previously designed.  The concept is a cool one and it’s limited in potential execution.  This will happen anywhere from one per game (versus a two-mission win) to four times (versus five space decks).  Mechanically speaking, this is somewhere between when you play and the start of your turn actions.  In terms of player interaction, these are great because your opponent has control over how often and when they activate.


Romara Cal

There are a few of these in Shattered Mirror, but the one that ties into the Mirror Universe is Ramora Cal.  The most obvious use is coming off Mirror Week is to refuel your humans.  There are other humans that get back into action by their own violation, but here, it’s not only easier, but you have your choice of humans as opposed to a specific personnel.


That’s not including the fact that he’s Bajoran by affiliation, meaning he’s got some mileage to give in your non-Mirror themed deck.  Unlike Ezri, he’s not burdened by icons in terms of what he brings out of the discard pile and while the Bajorans like things in their discard pile, there are some specific things they might not like to be placed there. There’s also some great possibilities with the Cardassians who put stuff in the discard pile on a whim.


On top of his ability, a little extra Bajoran Acquisition is a welcome thing indeed.


He’s not the only Duras Bomb in the set as other affiliations get in on the fun as well.  They are tied to what those affiliations do and help move their group forward as the game progresses.  Enjoy them when Shattered Mirror releases December 7.

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