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2019 North American Schedule

by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP Coordinator

11th December 2018

So, I asked for bids from the public at large to see who was interested in hosting any high level events in 2019 for North America.  Over the course of November, we received bids from the following locations - 

Manassas Park, VA
Atlanta, GA
West Melbourne, FL
Chicago, IL
Roseville, MN
Sioux Falls, SD
Denison, TX
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA
After the Organized Play team looked over the various bids submitted by these locations, I am pleased to announce that the following locations will be hosting these events - 
Atlanta, GA - NA Continentals
Manassas Park, VA - "MANASSTERS 2" - March 1st - 3rd
Sioux Falls, SD - South Dakota Masters
Denison, TX - Texas Chainsaw Masters 3
San Diego, CA - San Diego Masters
As for the Nationals locations - 
GenCon - Indianapolis, IN - US Nationals - August 1st - 4th
Vancouver, BC - Canadian Nationals - Typically in November
Other than GenCon and Manassters, no other events currently have a fixed date but this will be updated once more dates have been solified.  While we couldn't accept all of the bids that we received, we did appreciate all of the bids that were submitted.
I hope to see you there,
Michael, NA Organized Play Director

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