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The Host that Time Forgot

by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative Manager

22nd December 2018

Yedrin Dax

One card is unlike the others in Equilibrium – it doesn’t focus on either Dax’s extensive history or an element from her present. Instead, this card represents a future host of the Dax symbiont. Yedrin Dax was a version of Dax encountered in the episode “Children of Time”. In that episode, the crew of U.S.S. Defiant discover a colony in the Gamma Quadrant, founded by themselves after an accident would be throw the ship and crew 200 years into the past when they attempt to leave orbit. The current occupants of the colony are descended from the Defiant crew, including a part-Trill descendant of Jadzia’s who is the eventual host of the Dax symbiont in that timeline.

Being a Gamma Quadrant native, Yedrin is primarily going to be of help in Dominion decks. Largely because of his Alternative Universe icon, which will help Dominion decks to get past Quantum Incursions – a card that has blighted Dominion decks since it was released in 2014. The Dominion currently have no native AU personnel, so Yedrin improves their ability to get past Quantum Incursions, with breaking any DS9-only mechanics, or the need to head to the Alpha Quadrant to pick up some Non-Aligned support from there. In addition, his SCIENCE will also come in handy – only available on a handful of Dominion personnel. Unfortunately he will cost a card play, but the Dominion have lots of free play options, so it's not too high a price.

His special skill will also give Dominion decks a new option for bonus points – building a Colony. While not normally the traditional tactic for a Dominion deck, with their ability to spew out large numbers of personnel (free founders, free Vorta, free Dosi, free holograms, free or downloadable Jem’Hadar, young Jem’Hadar, etc) it might be worth stocking a Colony for the high bonus points available.

Now, it isn't just the Dominion who might be interested in him for a Colony strategy. While Colony Preparations may not be something the Dominion can easily take advantage of, a Bajoran deck certainly can, and downloading a Colony would save a turn in scoring those valuable bonus points. A Bajoran player can report Yedrin (as with other Gamma Quadrant Non-Aligned personnel) to the Wardroom on DS9 - potentially for free (especially in a Here By Invitation deck) or can be downloaded if you want to get that Colony started quickly.

Will your opponent risk putting Dead End under Colony Preparations and leaving Bajor clear? Maybe you need someone from the future to tell you!

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