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2018 Second Quarter Financial Recap

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

23rd December 2018

Happy Holidays to everyone hope everyone has finished with their holiday shopping unlike myself who always puts it off until the last week or two before Christmas.  We have our second quarter financial recap shown below for everyone to review and ask questions for clarification.  these past three months have been interesting to say the least from a financial stand point.  As most are aware of the issues that our Chief Programmer, Chris Lobban, had diligently fixed the Promenade-PayPal communication error so we can get back to providing everyone with the tournament prize support for local events has dipped income slightly while we have made several steep purchases moving into 2019.

There are a few notable expenses that I feel should be disclosed specifically as you are reviewing the statements below.

In August we gave out a couple volunteer gifts in the total of $100.00 that you see under miscellaneous expense along with Gencon prizes for the tribbles tournaments hosted there.

September and October saw a huge investment into our satellite production facilities to get them set up to start assembling tournament kits in an effort to help out our Shipping Manager, Dan Hamman.  This investment was $149.54 which I think was a well worth spending the money as the kits have been a popular item that seem to get purchased out every month.

While some may think the steady decline in cash going back into quarter 1 may seem like a cause for concern, I can assure everyone that we have enough money to maintain the basic functions of this organization if we absolutely had to cut all other spending we would be able to keep the website going without any additional funds for years to come.  Our operating costs are roughly $165.00 a month to keep the website and our shipping account with stamps.com open and on top of that annual business entity fees which will get discussed in a future article.  Based on these figures we are in healthy shape and in a far better position now that we have additional production facilities up and running to take the pressure off any one individual or play group to support the whole organiation.

There are a couple additional notable large expenses that were done in November, and we will address and disclose those in the Quarter 3 update which will come at the end of January.

One final update to mention-

In honor of Michael Cook just as a reminder that 50% of donations taken in on the promenade for the month of December will be getting donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.  Look for a special article some time in the first half of January announcing the gift that the organization will be making in honor of Mr. Cook.

Please do not hestiate if there are any questions feel free to either post in the article discussion thread or send me a PM if you prefer a private answer.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Years.  We will see you all in 2019.

August - 3 TD Passes / 3 TD Kits purchased

September - 5 TD Passes / 0 TD Kits purchased

October - No TD Passes or Kits purchased


Financial Documents:

Quarter 2 Balance Sheet for 2018:

August, September, October



August P&L:



September P&L:



October P&L:


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