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Finding Dax’s Equilibrium

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

27th December 2018

The answer is head to the Symbiosis Commission. 

During the Will of the Collective: FOURm Edition, one of the questions that came up is should Joran count as a trill with symbiont to help with the mission Symbiont Diagnosis. It turns out that this mission is never included in decks because it is 

a) Difficult due to needing a Trill with symbiont and a lot of other stuff, and

b) Can be stolen by a lucky and cunning opponent. (Kudos to your opponent if they can pull that off.)

I felt that one of the goals of this expansion should be to make Symbiont Diagnosis a more viable mission. This meant we needed to address both of these issues. Before this expansion, there were three trills with symbiont; Jadzia Dax, Ezri Dax and Kareel Odan. There would be new ones in this expansion, solving problem a, but also making it more likely that your opponent could have one or two trills to steal your mission. The solution to both problems is revealed today. 

Dr. Renhol

She’s our first universal trill with symbiont. No one but a trill with symbiont could acquire such a high position in the Symbiosis Commission as she did. As a doctor, she helps supply one of the MEDICAL needed and she can turn on Diplomacy if needed.

Her biggest asset is how she protects your Symbiont Diagnosis from being stolen by an opponent. The wording on her special skill did take some consultation with Rules. It turns out that the term “stealing a mission” is purely player jargon. This was the best, most compact wording we could find to embody the concept of mission protection. I hope this new personnel will inspire you to get in touch with your inner worm. 

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