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Jonathan Engel is your new Second Edition Creative Manager

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

1st January 2019

I am pleased to announce Jonathan “Triumph” Engel as your new Second Edition Creative Manager.


I’ve seen Jonathan’s work, and vast knowledge of the franchise, for quite some time.  He has an eye for the story a card has before it has a story.  He was the first choice for myself and Matt when it came time to think of someone to take the reins.  I was proud to work with him on the Creative team and before that, I was proud to work alongside him during the second iteration of Make It So.


“I am honored to become the Second Edition Creative Manager,” Engel said at his appointment.  “It is a pleasure to be able to give something back to this game.”


One of the earliest members of the Creative Team, Jonathan started his tenure working on Lineage ove five years ago.  The Creative Team is a behemoth of Trek knowledge today, but it rose from humble beginnings with only four people in total, two of them the team managers.  With this appointment, Jonathan joins Paddy Tye in jointly managing the team, the other person who was there in those early days.


Outgoing Second Edtion Creative Team Manager Matt Kirk will not be leaving the community entirely.  He will continue to work on the Creative Team and who knows what tournament he might show up for next.


Join me in welcoming and congratulating Jonathan in his new position.


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