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Will of the Collective VI: Starting Monday

by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager

18th January 2019


The results are in, and the community has decided to double its fun and make both a mission and a personnel! There are some added restrictions, of course, but you are still going to get to make a lot of decisions. You'll be able to make almost any planet mission with ties to the 23rd century, and a personnel from that planet's story. The process will formally start on Monday, January 21st, when we'll open up the discussion thread for nominations for the mission location to make. A little bit further down the line, we'll be running parallel nomination and voting threads for the personnel. From those points, we'll proceed to vote on our top choices and continue until we've got a mission and a personnel ready to test! Here's an estimated schedule of the process, but keep in mind it's subject to change if we need to have any run-off votes:

#Mission StepPersonnel StepStart DateEnd DateResult
1Nominate LocationMon Jan 21Wed Jan 23
2Vote on LocationThu Jan 24Sat Jan 26TIE
2ARunoff Vote on LocationSun Jan 27Mon Jan 28Excalbia
3Nominate Special AbilityTue Jan 29Thu Jan 31
4Vote on Special AbilityNominate CharacterFri Feb 1Sun Feb 3TIE
4ARunoff Vote on Special AbilitySun Jan 27Mon Feb 4No special ability
5Vote on PointsVote on CharacterTue Feb 5Thu Feb 740 Points / Yarnek
6Nominate RequirementsNominate Special Skill/DLFri Feb 8Sun Feb 10
7Vote on RequirementsVote on Special Skill/DLMon Feb 11Wed Feb 13
7ARunoff on RequirementsRunoff on Special AbilityThu Feb 14Fri Feb 15
8Vote on AffiliationsVote on Skills
9Vote on SpanVote on Icons
10Nominate LoreNominate Traits
11Vote on LoreVote on Traits
12Vote on ImageVote on Attributes
13Nominate TitleNominate Lore
14Vote on TitleVote on Lore
15Vote on Image
16Nominate Name
17Vote on Name

The first step is going to be to nominate a planet location; to do that fully informed, we need to give you a list of planets that are off limits. Most of these are restricted because they are already in one of the Original Series block expansions, however there are a few that are otherwise restricted for other reasons. Here's the list of planets that aren't eligible for nomination:

Don't forget to bookmark this page, and we'll be updating it with links to the appropriate discussion and voting threads. And if you miss any steps, we'll post the results so far here as well. Spend some time this weekend watching the original Star Trek, so you can submit ideas on Monday. We can not wait to see what you come up with!

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