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Hall of Fame ballots are open!

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

14th January 2019

Ballots are now open for the Hall of Fame class of 2019.


Hall of Fame Format takes cards and ‘retires’ them from play.  This limited format takes the old standbys out and forces players to think outside the box.  The inaugural class had five and the class of 2018 had a bit more.  The nominations are in and now it’s time to vote!


Would you like to take the first turn download from Gateway, Historical Research off the table?  Does The Central Command make it a little too easy for Cardassians to blast through your carefully constructed dilemma pile?  Are Unexpected Difficulties making it too easy to get around a bad dilemma draw?  Do you want to spit Guinan, Listener’s drink right back in her face?  Is it time for Timescape to take a seat on the bench?


To vote, follow the instructions in the thread.  Note that you have a limited window as ballots will be tallied on Saturday, January 26 so get them before that date!  This format is entirely player driven, no cards are retired unless you vote on them.


You’ll find this format at two high level events this year; Manasters and Texas Chainsaw Masters. 

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