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Second Edition Goings on this Week(end)

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

12th January 2019

There are so many Second Edition related things to do this weekend!


Vote for Hurt and Heal: Nathan Miracle has hosted a Hurt and Heal competition for dilemmas.  We're working out way through each set and are now at Necessary Evil.  There are some heavy hitters in the field, have your say as we progress.


Vote for Hall of Fame:  This exciting format retires cards from play.  There are two classes thus far, for 2017 and 2018, and your voice matter.


Sign up for an online tournament: Markus Eberlein is hosting an online tournament commencing Monday.  You've got plenty of time to build a deck and get accustomed to Lackey as necessary.  Plus, you can get a shiny release achievement ...


Prepare for the Period of Review: It is coming up and this is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about Second Edition as a whole.  Note Vice-Chair Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8) is looking for a moderator.


Vote for Hurt and Heal: Yes, this is mentioned above, but you can vote one pre twenty-four hour period.


Put Denorios Belt, Silence Prophets in your deck: Seriously y'all, the set just came out and he lonely.


Reminisce about Rollie Tesh: The grandfather of our game died.  We love Second Edition, but would not be here if not for the efforts of Rollie Tesh and First Edition.  Take time to visit the thread and pay your respects.


Vote in the Contest of Contests: We have some extra swag for the next release and are letting you choose the contests we use to determine who gets them.


Look at some Alliance Decks: Husband and wife team Amber and Michael VanBreemen have a pair of decks for the hot off the presses Klingon Cardassian Alliance.  Give them a gander (a skinny and standard size for your pleasure) and maybe tweak them to your linking and run the table with them.


Vote for Hurt and Heal: Yes, this is mentioned above, twice, but you can vote one pre twenty-four hour period.

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