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Second Edition Goings on this Week(end)

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

18th January 2019

Here are some things 2E friendly things you can do this weekend!


Vote for Hurt and Heal.  Nathan Miracle is hosting a Hurt and Heal on the dilemmas for each set.  We’re on the fourth set, Necessary Evil.  Help us get to the final three.


Check out Full Art Cards.  Lucas Thompson, a talented designer, writer and ambassador has taken up art to add to his already impressive resume.  Check them out and tell Lucas how awesome he is.  Compare them to his 3D cards.


Watch Star Trek: Discovery.  The second season of Star Trek Discovery has started with Brother, not to be confused with Brothers.  You’re not here if you’re not a fan of the franchise, so if it works for you, check it out.  I’ll be posting some contests soon in anticipation for the next set.  Who knows if I’ll pull something from this episode?  (Spoiler, probably not)


Put Julian Bashir, Visiting Colleague into a deck.  The set just came out and he lonely.


Take a trip to Orlando.  Bring a virtual deck.  And three sealed decks from Decipher.  Pro tip: if you get a God pack, don’t shout out about it!


Attend a Magic: The Gathering Pre-release.  The latest set, Ravnica Allegiance, is coming out for prerelease this weekend.  By all means, go to a prerelease event (or three) this weekend.  Heck, bring along a couple of your Trek decks.  You’ll never know who you can teach the game to.

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