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The Period of Review Has Begun!

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

19th January 2019

I want to start by thanking Chad C (Se7enofMine) for generously giving of his time to host the Period of Review. 

We kicked off the PoR Saturday morning with the Second Edition PoR.  There was a lot of activity in the Chat Room while the broadcast was happening and Chad took questions from there as well as the original question thread.

The First Edition Period of Review will take place at Sunday, January 20th at noon EST (that's -5:00 GMT for our international viewers).  If you have any last-minute additions to the question list, please ask them here. You can also ask them live in the Chat Room.

The Organized Play and Omnibus broadcasts will take place on January 26th and 27th.  I'm still working on dates and times.  Additionally, the guest list for the Omnibus edition depends upon what questions get asked.  For instance, I won't invite SIrRogue if no one has questions about Achievements.  Get your questions in sooner rather than later, please.

As indicated in this article, the Period of Review will be governed by the Bylaws of the Continuing Committee.  You can watch the January Board Meeting live at 9:00 pm EST on Sunday, January 20th. The agenda can be found here and we plan to adopt Version 1.0 of the Bylaws at this meeting. Please review the previous article for details on when and how the voting will happen after the Period of Review.

As always, if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to PM me (jadziadax8).

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