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Online Sealed Series #1: PaQ AttaQ (Part 1)

by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications

22nd January 2019

Husnock Outpost

Hi everyone! I've been a fan of online tournament play for many years, and one thing in particular I've always enjoyed is directing online sealed events and generating random cardpools to unsuspecting test subjects - err, I mean ambitious players! I'm excited to announce that I'm beginning a new Online Sealed Series for 2019, beginning January 28th with the first event, a First Edition sealed event called PaQ AttaQ.

What's the Online Sealed Series, and how do I play?

Glad you asked! The Online Sealed Series is a series of monthly online tournaments (alternating between First and Second Edition) that will each involve a sealed cardpool, but each event's cardpool will be a custom pool of my own creation. Events will generally begin on the last Monday of each month (with registered players receiving their cardpools the Friday before that date). If you've never played an online tournament before, it's easy! Follow the directions in this thread to download Lackey, the program we use to play Star Trek CCG online. You'll also need an audio chat program (Skype or Discord are generally accepted).

Each online tournament takes place over several weeks, with one round occurring each week. For each round, you'll be paired with an opponent for that round, and you'll have seven days to schedule a mutually agreeable day and time to get online and play your opponent. After that, just report the winner and final score in the tournament thread, and you're done until the next round! If you win the event, you could win tournament prizes! (And if the event has a high attendance, you might score a sweet tournament foil even if you don't win!)

Sounds good! So what's PaQ AttaQ?

The cardpool for PaQ AttaQ is simpler than it sounds. Essentially, I wanted players to draw from the first three sets in First Edition's history: Premiere, Alternate Universe, and Q-Continuum (sometimes known collectively as PAQ). To do this, players will begin with an Official Tournament Sealed Deck (or OTSD) box. This consists of four packs of Premiere, one pack of Alternate Universe, and 20 fixed cards to smooth out the deck. In addition, I'll throw in one additional pack of Alternate Universe and two packs of Q-Continuum, for a total of eight booster packs!

Sounds like a wacky format! How do I play?

All you have to do is register at the event's tournament page before January 28th. There is no entry fee required. I'll PM players with a cardpool file on or around January 25th with the cards each player will use to build a deck with. Take some time to put a deck together, and on the 28th, check the forums for your first opponent!

If you're more of a Second Edition player, stay tuned for the first Second Edition event in the series in February, called "Big Evil."

One last thing...

Though I won't be playing in this event, I couldn't resist the thought of generating a cardpool and building a deck for myself as an example (and a test of my limited deckbuilding skills). Attached you'll find a sample cardpool that I generated for myself. Next week, I'll have a follow-up article where I try to mold this pile of cards into a somewhat functional deck.

Good luck, and happy gaming!


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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

Unused Cards from Pool
R1x Canar
P1x Abandon Ship!
U1x Alien Abduction
P1x Armus - Sticky Situation
U1x Cardassian Trap
C1x Hidden Entrance
P1x Hippocratic Oath
C2x Hunter Gangs
C3x Impassable Door
P1x Make Us Go
C1x Malfunctioning Door
C3x Microbiotic Colony
C1x Outpost Raid
U1x Rascals
U1x The Higher... The Fewer
P1x Unscientific Method
C1x Alternate Universe Door
R1x Devidian Door
C1x Q's Tent
P1x Space-Time Portal
P1x Spacedoor
C1x Anti-Matter Pod
C1x Federation PADD
C1x I.P. Scanner
C2x Klingon PADD
C1x Plasmadyne Relay
U1x Discommendation
C1x Drought Tree
U1x Engage Shuttle Operations
C2x Espionage: Federation on Klingon
C1x Espionage: Klingon on Federation
C1x Espionage: Romulan on Klingon
R1x I Am Not a Merry Man!
R1x Lore's Fingernail
U1x Nutational Shields
C1x Pattern Enhancers
C1x Spacedock
C1x Static Warp Bubble
C2x The Mask of Korgano
U1x Transfiguration
P1x Treaty: Federation/Romulan/Klingon
C1x Yellow Alert
C1x Klingon Outpost
C2x Colony
C1x Neutral Outpost
P1x Husnock Outpost
U1x Dead in Bed
C1x Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow
C1x Devidian Foragers
C1x Hail
C2x Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
U1x Isabella
C1x Jamaharon
C1x Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence
C1x Klingon Right of Vengeance
C2x Latinum Payoff
C1x Phaser Burns
C2x Ship Seizure
C1x Tachyon Detection Grid
C3x Wormhole
P1x Establish Relations
U1x Evacuation
C1x Excavation
P1x Explore Interstellar Matter
P1x Impose Order
P1x Investigate Incursion
R1x Investigate Massacre
P1x Mineral Survey
U1x Plunder Site
C1x Repair Mission
C4x Space
C1x Study Plasma Streamer
P1x Test Propulsion Systems
P1x Open Diplomatic Relations
P1x Reflection Therapy
R1x Beverly Picard
C1x Darian Wallace
R1x Dr. Leah Brahms
U1x Jenna D'Sora
U2x Mot the Barber
U1x Rager
U2x Robin Lefler
U1x Sakkath
R1x Sir Isaac Newton
C1x Sito Jaxa
U1x Soren
C1x Taitt
C2x Dukath
C1x Gorath
C1x J'Ddan
C2x K'Tesh
C1x Kle'eg
U1x Konmel
C1x Targ
U1x Torak
U1x Baran
C1x Gorta
P1x Suna
U1x N'Vek
C2x Palteth
C1x Tarus
Q Dilemma
C1x Go Back Whence Thou Camest
C1x Pla-Net
Q Dilemma/Event
P1x Hide and Seek
Q Event
C1x Aldebaran Serpent
C1x Door-Net
C1x You Will in Time
Q Interrupt
C2x Incoming Message - The Continuum
C2x Lemon-Aid
C1x The Higher ... The Q-er
C1x Combat Vessel
P1x Darmok
C1x Yridian Shuttle
C2x Zalkonian Vessel
C1x D'deridex

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