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2019 Q1 Raffle Bins Close March 31st!

by Dan Hamman, Raffle Master

24th March 2019

The entry period for the first raffle for 2019, covering the months from January through March, ends in one week! The last day to enter your tickets into this raffle's bins is Sunday, March 31st. This quarterly raffle has prizes for all three editions, and you can use your tickets in one bin (for a highly coveted item) or spread them around - it's up to you.

The Continuing Committee holds raffle drawings every three (3) months, so if you don't see anything you like in this raffle, you'll be able to use your tickets for the next raffle. One week after the bins close, you can watch the live drawing for the 2019 First Quarter raffle will be Sunday, April 7that 8 AM Pacific Time. Join us in the chat room for a chance and a live prize drawing, and catch the stream live on the Continuing Committee's YouTube channel.

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