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Burns Night and 2E Goings on This Weekend

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

25th January 2019

Here are some Second Edition things to do this weekend:


Hurt and Heal: The Hurt and Heal for Necessary Evil is over (The Dreamer and the Dream, Back Room Dealings and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Winning).  Another has started for Fractured Time and Reflections 2.0.  Technically, it also includes the Tenth Anniversary Collection, but that didn’t have any dilemmas.  There are some new rules to help move things along faster but you can still vote once each day.


Hall of Fame Announcement: Are you free tonight at 11:00 PM EST?  Or whenever it is in your particular time zone.  If so, make time for The Hosp Report, which will reveal the latest additions to the Hall of Fame Format.  Be one of the first to find out what’s on the list.


Look Over Last Week’s Tournaments: The Corbett household in Denison, Texas had a tournament, the report is on the message boards.  There was an event in Camberwell, Greater London.  Check out Nick Yankovec’s winning Borg deck, Will Hoskin’s Terok Nor deck, Johannes Mette’s Klingon deck and Benjamin Leibich’s Dominion deckAtlanta. Georgia had an event with two decks posting as of this writing; Will Raimen’s Klingon Deck and Nathan Miracle’s TNG deck.


Orlando, Florida had a tournament as well, but it was a sealed deck, so bear that in mind as your look over Sean O’Reilly’s and Rick Kinney’s Starfleet decks along with Joseph Bazemore's and Martin Drake’s Ferengi Decks.  When you need a Ferengi Command icon, you go with what you get.


Travel:  There are Tournaments in Koblenz, Germany; Mt Prospect, Illinois; online at the Dojo and Marietta, Georgia.  I hear the weather’s lovely this time of year.  Note that if you go to Georgia, you’ll need to declare an unearned achievement at the point of registration.  Speaking of which …


Earn the A Matter of Time Achievement:  All you need to do is win with a deck containing ten (or more) of each temporal icon.  So far, Michael Van Breemen’s the only holder of it and he lonely.


Participate in The Enemy of my Enemy discussion: This recent addition to the watchlist has gotten some inspired discussion on the gameplay board.  Feel free to join in or follow along.

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