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How Skilled Are You?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

12th October 2008

In a few weeks, you might find yourself with a few extra skills. Starting with the release of Tournament Kit #1, The Continuing Committee will be releasing the new Collectible Skill Badges, a way for players to win special prizes and have fun doing it!

The Collectible Skill Badges are the first in a new line of metal badges that The Continuing Committee is offering as prizes. These badges (buttons, in the US), are made of metal and have a pin-back (they can be pinned onto a shirt, bag, or other soft material.) They are very high quality and look amazing!

But why should you care about metal skill badges? Because they'll lead to prizes, of course! Two random badges will be included in each Tournament Kit, but there are twenty-three (23) different skills! That means you'll have to work hard, and trade with other players, to get a complete set!

In return for your hard work, you'll have the chance to win all sorts of special prizes! For example, we might offer a chance for someone that's collected Officer and 2 Treachery to win a Kressari Rendezvous foil. The person that collects the most Transporter badges might win a special prize, as might the first person to collect one of each skill. The potential is limitless!

You'll start seeing these Collectible Skill Badges in the first tournament kits, and they'll be available throughout 2009 and beyond. Start collecting and trading! You never know what skills you might need...

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