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Super Bowl Weekend and Other 2E Events

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

1st February 2019

Here's a roundup of things to do while you watch the game (or commercials) this weekend.


The Hall Of Fame class of 2019 is here!  Find out what cards you can’t use for Manasters and Texas Chainsaw Masters on the front page.  It’s also integrated into the deckbuilder.  Do you love Moral Choice, Uninvited, Investigate Destruction, Telle, The Centaur and At what Cost?  Hopefully not.


There’s a discussion on the boards about the Virtual Starters.  Talk about your favorite.  Your least favorite.  If you want to work on revising them, please let me know.


Do you go online?  And play one of the games?  If not, I question why you’re here.  Otherwise, we are recruiting players to record games.  Take a look and feel free to join.


Travel.  Go to Kessel, Germany; Acton, Massachusetts or Fremont, California for a tournament!  They are all constructed events so have at it!


Look at the decks played this past weekend.  Al Schaefer played a Terok Nor deck which has a pretty solid draw deck.   Our own Executive Director upgraded her Alliance Deck taking advantage of more cards from the latest set, pretty well distributed among the affiliations.  Not to be outdone, Michael Shea had his own, skewed much more towards Cardassians.  With only two unique personnel, there’s a lot in this tiny decklist.


Take a look at the front page.  You never know what might pop up.


Read Marcus Eberlein’s latest blog He’s got a lot of information about Achievements in there.  You’ve got Casting achievements based around the late Mark Lenard along with attributes based decks, those of which have not yet been earned.  A certain North American OP Coordinator, who shall remain nameless, mentioned in the Period of Review that he wanted to get some more to his already impressive resume.  Look what dropped in his lap!

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