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Would you like to be a Tribbles playtester?

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition

1st February 2019

Do you like Tribbles?

Do you want more Tribbles to be released?

Do you play Tribbles semi-regularly?

100,000 Fold

If these answer to these questions is yes, then consider being a Tribbles play tester! There's no sign up required or application process, you just need to be interested and send me a PM. Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Ask your friends that you play Tribbles with if they're interested in testing with you. Or, at the very least, if they mind that you play with cards in development. If they say yes, schedule a get together to play, and send me a PM with your email address and the date of your next Tribbles night. (If you're friends are testing too, I'll need their email addresses also.)

2. I'll send you a file with some new, in development Tribbles cards. Use those cards to add to your existing decks, or make a new deck. If you're friends are going to test too, you can make them decks or they can make their own.

3. Play Tribbles! Grab a piece of paper to keep with you, and take notes about anything cool, fun, exciting, frustrating, sad, or irritating about the new cards. Also write down any questions that come up.

4. Let me know your results. You can type up your notes and send them to me in a PM or email, or we can arrange a phone call to talk about things. I'm willing to talk to your whole group on speaker phone, if the timing works out.

Once we have a few groups willing to test, we'll repeat this cycle a few times until there's good feedback that the cards are in a good place. Then those will turn into real cards for release, and we'll repeat this again for a new set.

Let me know if you're interested. Together, we can make more fun and awesome new Tribbles cards!

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