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Quarter 3 Financial Recap

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

3rd February 2019

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!


Below you will find the financial activity for the last quarter, November through January. Income is stabilizing a bit with our extra production facilities to help keep the promenade stocked with Tournament Kits for all the organizers to be able to have prize support. I can announce that the debt from the initial audit that was done on the old PayPal account has been paid in full. You will notice the $82.00 in miscellaneous expense; this was 50.00% of all the donation income for December and first part of January that we donated to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in honor of a community member who passed away.


Below you will find the total number of TD Kits and TD Passes purchased for Trek Events over the last 3 months. Between 1E, 2E, and Tribbles the promenade was very active this past quarter. 42 TD Passes and 69 TD Kits.



November 2018: 4 TD Passes / 11 TD Kits

December 2018: 11 TD Passes / 20 TD Kits

January 2019: 27 TD Passes / 38 TD Kits

January 2019: 3 1E Regionals, 6 2E Regionals, 1 TR Regional


It looks like we have so far 10 Different Regional Events for the upcoming championship season paid for so far.


As always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns either in the discussion thread or send me a PM.


Quarter 3 2018 Balance Sheet:



November 2018 P&L



December 2018 P&L



January 2019 P&L


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