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February Rules Update

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

4th February 2019

Welcome to February! I am glad the groundhog did/did not see its shadow. I hope the team you love/hate won/lost the big game, and my birthday was awesome/fine/sad!*


Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled rules article. 

This month we have what looks like a busy rules update. However, I let me reassure you most of it is small cleanup. Inside you will find the following:

As always if there are things that need addressing, PM me or post in the forums.

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary.

This update takes effect immediately.



*these statements have been qualified because they happened between writing the article and its posting. However, since I wrote this in a bout of insomnia at 4 in the morning, I thought it was funny. 

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