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Tournament Kits Available for Pre-Order

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

16th October 2008

Tournament Kit #1, featuring the 0D18 U.S.S. Enterprise-D (Personal Flagship) tournament foil, is now available for pre-order. These kits are available for $6 in the United States, and for only $7 outside the US.

Tournament Kit #1 includes:

As a special free gift with each purchase, a quantity of Series I Alternate Image Promo Cards will be included!

Pre-orders are limited to one per tournament director at this time. A tournament director is someone that has either passed the Level 1 Judge Test, or someone that has run at least one sanctioned tournament in the past three (3) months.

To pre-order a tournament kit, please send an email to preorders@trekcc.org with the subject of "Tournament Kit #1" and the following information:

Payments are not due at this time, but will be required before the kits will be shipped. You will receive payment instructions in your confirmation messages, which will be sent once the orders are processed.

A limited quantity of these kits have been set aside to help establish player bases in expansion regions or areas with limited activity. To apply for one of these expansion kits, pre-order a kit as normal, but indicate you are applying for a donated expansion kit.

Tournament Kit #1 will begin shipping on or before November 1, 2008. As a precaution, The Continuing Committee recommends that you do not advertise these prizes for any tournaments scheduled before November 15th, 2008.

Tournament Kit #1 will be available while supplies last.

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