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Wednesday 1E Roundup - 6 FEB 2019

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition

6th February 2019


Welcome to the Wednesday 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich.

The Big News
The February rules update dropped this week, bringing a seemingly large number of changes to First Edition. However, though there are numerous changes, they are mostly small cleanups to existing rules rather than big changes. A number of the changes are made to complete the severing of backwards compatible cards, but quite a few of them are laying the groundwork for cards that you'll be seeing later this year in Project Delenn. (Project Delenn is the next scheduled First Edition expansion, the first of three based around the Original Series.)

This Day in Trek
February 6th, 1958 was the birthday of Deep Space 9 actress Cecily Adams, famous for multiple appearances of Ishka, the mother of Quark and Rom. Today would be her 61st birthday, but she left us due to cancer in 2004. Pardon my language, but fuck cancer.

Tournament Reports
There were no reported First Edition events held over the past weekend. If you played any Trek over the past week, please let us know! Feel free to email me or send me a private message, and I'll feature your games - casual or competitive - in next week's column.

Tournament Previews
While we didn't have any tournaments last weekend, we've got three (3) scheduled for this week, including a sealed deck event tonight in Eden, New York. There aren't any players preregistered, but hopefully Robin Honeycutt will have two join him and crack some packs!

Across the Atlantic, in the UK, four (4) players are preregistered for an OTF Complete Constructed event in Grimsby on Saturday. Hosted by Andrew Mark Alcock, one of our Ambassadors, it looks like two First Edition powerhouse players - Alex Dixon and Paddy Tye - will be facing off! But I never count anyone out, as either Gary or Tony - or an unregistered player - could win the day.

On Sunday, in Ashland, Virginia, Social Media Manager Austin Chander (Darksaber) will be hosting an OTF Constructed Complete tournament at Total Access Games. With two players preregistered, Austin and Phil only need one more to make the trip to have a great couple hours of competitive Trek. I think Phil Schrader (pschrader) is a player to watch - his First Edition performances have been trending upwards and this might be a banner year for him.

If you have tournaments coming up, feel free to schedule them in our tournament system so I can promote them in future articles.

Championship Previews
Manassters 2, the first Trek Masters Series event of 2019, is less than a month away - on Sunday, March 3rd in Manassas Park, Virginia. Ten (10) players have preregistered for this event, including four (4) players ranked in the Top 50. North American Organized Play Coordinator Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot) is traveling from the west coast to play, and is the highest ranked player (13th) on the preregistration list. Michael has won fifteen (15) out of his last thirty-three (33) tournaments, making him a favorite to win this Trek Masters series. We'll look at more players in future editions of this column.

At the end of March, and the start of the 2019 Regional Season, a Trek Masters Series will be held in San Diego, California. Internally and affectionally known as "Spring Break Masters," several players look to be heading to sunny San Diego for this event on Saturday, March 30th. The event's just been listed, so only Kris Sonsteby (Lore), our Director of Organized Play, has preregistered. It's going to be a Silver Tin Draft, a sealed event where players are given either a [Fed], [Kli], or [Rom] [TNG] starter deck and then draft a silver-border collectors tin. It's a lot of fun, and a very unique event!

We'll keep you updated on these, and future championship events, as the season unfolds.

In Other News

The Time Capsule
One year ago, Devidian Door came off of the OTF ban list. Errata Team Leader Matthew Zinno (commdecker)'s article (linked) explained the changes that brought this old-school card back into the game. The same week was Original Series week of the Spotlight Series, and Executive Officer Maggie Geppert wrote an article about a beginner friendly [OS] deck.

That's all for this week's roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from December 2018. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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