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National Pizza Day and Other 2E Events

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

8th February 2019

Here are some Second Edition happenings that may get your interest.


Grab some popcorn.  Nate has broadcast a game with Alexey on Twitch from last Saturday.  There’s some good discussion beforehand.


Travel. Go to West Melbourne, Florida and Cambrell, Greater London for some events this weekend.  Note that you can stay a bit in London because there are two events.  Also note that you are limited to the first twenty-nine sets.  That’s through Unnatural Selection, in case anyone was wondering.


Peruse Some Decklists.  There were a lot of events this past weekend!  Keep it up, we love it.


Everyone at Kassel, Germany posted their decks.  Johannes Mette has a pretty solid looking TNG deck as does Benjamin Liebich, though his is more focused on the affiliation itself.  Martin Kaivers went with TOS Integrity and a pretty good mix of physical and virtual cards.  Phillipp Scholz kept the Federation theme going with DS9.


Most of Gaffney, South Carolina posted their decks at the time of this writing.  Mike Camp Sr. busted out the new Alliance while David Camp has a Klingon deck with an Orb.  Nathan Miracle went with Terok Nor with a Capture/Jem’hadar bend.  Dustin Cox brought the Borg while Scott Baughman played Romulans.


In Acton, Massachusetts, Cayenne Geis went with dual DS9/TNG while Bob Geis brought the Big Borg, contrasted with Lucas Thompson’s skinny TNG.  Matthew Zinno brought DS9.  How well did he do?  Well, he posted a tournament report.  And won the tournament.

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