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Announcing Qpid

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

8th February 2019

You’ve known for a while that the next Second Edition product is related to Valentine’s Day.  Qpid, a nine card boutique set, will hit the street next Thursday, February 14 and be legal one week later, February 21.


I’ll get to a spoiler in a second, but first, let me introduce you to the design team.


Veteran designer Charlie ‘Midnightlich” Plaine, newcomer Sean “Jono” O’Reilly and returning designer  Michael “The Prefect” Shea worked on these cards.  This was Sean’s first set, and who better to work with than Charlie along with someone who is newer but quickly got a few sets worth of experience under his belt?


Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, these cards aren’t all hot and sexy shots of babes and hunks.  Make no mistake that there is a couple in the set.   Not a couple babe/hunk cards, but a romantically involved couple from the franchise.   Noentheless, a lot of cards revolve around the non-romantic types of love that you can celebrate with the holiday.  There is some lore that’s a bit … racy.  47 V 6 for one, but there’s a lot of fun cards coming your way.

Hostile Takeover

Take today’s spoiler, for example.  Hostile Takeover is all about Brunt’s love of hating Quark.  Look at that lore and tell me he isn’t relishing in the opportunity.


Onto the rest of the card.  We’ve got a dual dilemma that costs zero.  Those are really great so far, especially without a hidden cost along the lines of consume or some other resource.  Speaking of costs, if you don’t want to worry about it, simply lose five points and you’re all set.    This implies that you not only have five points, but that you have five to spare.  A lot of decks aim for getting that hundred and no more.  If they do go for more, they intend to spend the excess.  Now you have an incentive to reach for a few more if for no other reason than to simplify things.  Talk about the meta shift.


That’s not the only way to get around it, though.  You could have less points than your opponent.  It’s not the best position to be in, but in this case, it can turn to your advantage.  Speed decks have been around for a while and if your deck doesn’t go that route, this is a good way to keep your opponent from getting too far ahead of you.  Not too bad of a deal.


This set would not be possible without that tireless efforts of Rules, who made sure the cards worked, Creative, who found some lovely stories for these cards, Art, who found great images for these cards, Proofreading, who made sure the cards were fine-tuned and Programming who got the cards ready for your eyes.


Over the next six days, you’ll get articles for the remaining eight cards.  Have fun and remember not to give these cards to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

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