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Wednesday 1E Roundup - 13 FEB 2019

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition

13th February 2019

Quantum Incursions

Welcome to the Wednesday 1E Roundup, a weekly column looking back at the past week in the world of First Edition as well as a preview of the week ahead. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich.

The Big News
Quantum Incursions, the polarizing dilemma in a doorway's clothes, has been banned in OTF play. This was not an easy decision, made by those Department of First Edition staff members in attendance at recent staff meeting. The article linked previously contains details about why this action was taken, and at this time. But for now, the card won't be making its presence felt during early Regional season or at the early Trek Masters Series events.

This Day in Trek
Thirteen years ago, on February 13th, 2006, the great Andreas Katsulas passed away after a battle with lung cancer. Katsulas appeared as Tomalak on four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and later as the Vissian captain Drennik on Enterprise. Outside of the Star Trek universe, Mr. Katsulas was famous for playing the Narn ambassador G'Kar on Babylon 5; this character lends his name to Project G'Kar, the upcoming second expansion in the Original Series block. Today, he would be 72 years old.

Tournament Reports
One week ago, on February 6th, three (3) players battled in a sealed deck tournament. I don't know what the card pool was for the event, but it was apparently a lot of fun. Tournament director and winner Robin Honeycutt (robin1234) said that "it was a really interesting tournament, felt like First Edition when Mark and I were kids" and that it was a "great time." If you haven't been reading previous columns, you might not be aware that Robin has extended his 1E winning streak to fifty (50) consecutive games!

On Saturday the 9th, in the UK, First Edition Creative Manager Paddy Tye (KazonPADD) won a constructed tournament against Admiral Gary (admiralgary), Alex Dixon (alexd), and Andrew Mark Alcock (uglywithglasses). Paddy has both a decklist and a tournament report available. Paddy's [22] [Kli] deck performed very well against Gary's [KCA] deck, Alex's [Ent-E] deck, and Andrew's [TNG] [Kli] deck.

Finally, in a family throwdown on Sunday, Social Media Manager Austin Chander (Darksabre) emerged victorious over his two children in an OTF Constructed event. Austin played Federation, while his children played [KCA] and [Kli] respectively. Hopefully, there wasn't any drama around the dinner table and everyone had a blast playing 1E in Virginia!

If you played in any events, scheduled or unscheduled, formal or casual, let us know! Send me an email or a private message, and I'll be happy to advertise your event or games to the world in a future column. My contact information is at the bottom of every column each week.

Tomalak (Virtual Promos)

Tournament Previews
It looks like we don't have any tournaments scheduled for this coming weekend, so let's drop in and take a look at the two ongoing Online tournaments. In Thomas Kamiura's (bosskamuira) tournament, Micahel Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot) is leading the field in the reported results with two full wins under his belt. Right behind him, the North American Organized Play Coordinator is being chased by his boss, Director of Organized Play Kris Sonsteby (LORE) who has a full win and a modified win. But there's a large pack of players chasing them, with five (5) Victory Points each - who will end up on top?

Meanwhile, in Daniel Matteson's (OKCoyote) PAQ AttaQ sealed event, Kris Sonsteby and Jeremy Huth (9of24) are leading with a win each, but there are lots of results outstanding. We'll check back regularly as these tournaments progress to see how things develop, and of course, we'll report on the ultimate results when they're conculded.

If you have tournaments coming up, feel free to schedule them in our tournament system so I can promote them in future articles.

Championship Previews
How will the ban of Quantum Incursions affect Manassters 2, the first Trek Masters Series event of 2019? With ten (10) players preregistered, this event in Manassas Park, Virgina on Sunday, March 3rd will be incredibly to watch. Last week, we looked at Michael Van Breemen as he looks to be the highest ranked player in attendance (as well as the one traveling the farthest). This week, we'll look at 24th rank player Austin Chandler (Darksabre). Austin has been playing for a long time, and is returning to First Edition after a long break - expanding your family will do that! Over the past year, he's came out on top in five (5) of eight (8) tournaments, including with Federation, KCA, Kazon, and Starfleet decks. He's one to watch, and we'll look at more players next week.

There will be a lot to unpack after Manassters 2 is over, but it won't be long after that event that we'll have our second Trek Masters Series at the end of March. Dan Hamman and the San Diego local players will be hosting "Spring Break Masters" on Saturday, March 30th. As of the writing of this column, three (3) players have signed up to participate in the Silver Tin Draft sealed event. However, I have it on good authority that several other players plan on making the trip to enjoy the weather in Southern California.

We'll keep you updated on these, and future championship events, as the season unfolds.

In Other News

The Time Capsule
Last year was Dominion week for the Spotlight Series, and prolific Dominion player Andreas Rheinländer (Dukat) updated his Dominion Basics article series for the occasion. His five part series covers all of the mechanics and cards you might need to play a Dominion deck. It's still very relevant, and worth your time if you're interested in Founders, Vorta, or Jem'Hadar (oh my!).

Love is in the Air
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which is typically a celebration of romantic love. But I prefer to think on all the different kinds of love in our lives, and take the time to acknowledge, thank, and show kindness to the people that qualify. I particularly want to thank this community for the kindness and openness that's developed, and for the show of support in the recent Period of Review vote. I'm looking forward to applying for the permanent Director of First Edition position and continuing this column for the future.

But love's also been a big part of First Edition, dating all the way back to the original Premiere cards. What are you favorite gender or love themed dilemmas? Send me a favorite male-, female-, or gender-themed dilemma combo via a private message, and you'll be entered to win a care package from yours truly. In addition, I'll feature some of my favorite combos in a future edition of this article.

And if you play your cards right, there will be a spoiler in it for you!

That's all for this week's roundup of First Edition news and events. For more news, you can follow The Continuing Committee on Facebook, Twitter, or bookmark our front page. News about upcoming First Edition projects can be found in the most recent Project Status Update from December 2018. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to be featured in this column, or if you have comments about this column's content, feel free to contact me at cplaine@gmail.com or on the forums via PM to MidnightLich. Until next week, may you expand your power in the universe and live long and prosper.

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