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[2E] Errata Coming March 2

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

18th February 2019

Errata is usually scheduled for the first Monday of the month, meaning that March 4 is the next expected date to issue errata.  Errata (along with Testing, Art and soon to be Programming) has been working on errata for The Enemy of my Enemy.  The change will make it more focused on the Cardassian affiliation and preventing recursion. Full errata text can be found here.


Unfortunately, there is a level 3 event on March 2, two days before the errata release date. To accommodate this event, we’ll be moving the errata date up to March 2.  You will want to contact your local tournament director and see if they will be using this version for events prior to that date.  If you are planning on attending one of them, you are strongly encouraged to either preregister or  let them know in advance.

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