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2019 Trek Masters Series Promos

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition

18th February 2019

On Friday, you got a look at our Regional Championship promos featuring the Borg Queen and an adorable baby Borg cuddling a tribble. In that article, I mentioned that we've been linking our Regional and Trek Master Series promos with a pattern. Looking back, we've typically done ships and matching commanders, and this year in no exception. Please feast your eyes upon two of the Borg Queen's ships (and one very unusual projectile):

Queen's Borg Cube Queen's Borg Cube 10 Tribbles - Replicate

You can get copies of these promos at any of our Trek Masters Series or National Championship events. You can get a look at all of our championship events on our championship page, which is updated throughout the year. The first chance for players to get this promos is at the Trek Masters Series event in Manassas Park, Virginia on Saturday, March 2nd.

For our Trek Masters Series events, we also have special buttons/badges and a special playmat to give out. All participants will get one of the following collectible buttons/badges for their collection:

Trek Masters Series 2019 Participation Button

The winner of each Trek Masters Series event will get a similar button (with a gold [Cmd] star) as well as one of these excellent Borg-colored playmats:

Trek Masters Series 2019 Participation Button

Resistance is futile. Your prize binders will be adapted to service the collective. It's the Year of the Borg! Set your sights on a Regional, Trek Masters Series, or National Championship to get your hands one some of this unique swag!

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