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National Almond Day and Other 2E Events

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

15th February 2019

Here are some Second Edition related things you can do this weekend.


Grab some more popcorn.  If you enjoyed watching Nate play last weekend, check out two videos he’s recently posted on Youtube.  One goes over the top five cards in Shattered Mirror, the other is showcasing a Bajoran deck trying to collapse the wormhole.


Help Executive Officer Maggie With her Deck.  Maggie Geppert posted a self-explanatory thread called “Make my Deck Better.”  Her initial offering is a Romulan capture deck.  There’s some advice there already; feel free to add or post your own version to help her out.


Look at Strange New World Dilemmas.  Nathan Miracle’s Dilemma Hurt and Heal is close to finishing, meaning the time to gear up for the next one is upon us.  Give them a look see.


Travel.  Atlanta, Georgia; Kassel, Germany and Acton, Massachusetts are all holding tournaments this coming weekend.


Look Over Decks From Last Weekend.  Melbourne, Florida had an event last weekend and almost all the players posted their decks.  The winner is Rick Kinney with an entirely Non-Aligned deck called The Wiser the Fewer.  Ted Reebel had a Genetically Enhanced deck with a lot of hardware and Daniel Matteson had a deck appropriately titled Oops! All Runabouts, eligible for some oddball achievements.  Sean O'Reilly showed off his chops with a TNG Cunning deck.  Avery Matteson had a Beginner Borg Solver and Robert McGinty has an Alliance deck with a nice fat draw deck.


As if challenging the rest of the community, the playgroup from Camberwell, played two events back to back.  Both events were won by the fellow referred to as Unjustly Banned; first with a TNG Tough deck and then with an Uneasy Alliance Bajoran Cardassian deck.  The event was limited to the first twenty-nine sets, but put in a few cards from Symbiosis and that decks runs a bit smoother.  Nicholas Yankovec played his Dominion Founder/Jem’Hadar leaning deck twice, placing second each time.  William Hoskin played a deck called Cunning and Strength and then one appropriately titled Cunning and Strength Smaller.


Dream up Something Thematic.  Pazuzu has posted a thematic thread in the Dream Card forum.  Each month, you come up with a card based around a prompt and vote on a card from the previous month.  You don’t have to make a card to vote.  Also, note that this has cards from both games, but it is always fun to take a go over.

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