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Will of the Collective VI Marches On

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition

15th February 2019

We're not quite halfway done with Will of the Collective VI. If you aren't familiar with the process, Will of the Collective is a community-driven and collaberative design process where you, the community, gets to make a card. Although in this case, you're making two cards: a mission, and a personnel who names that mission in his or her lore. So far, the community has decided to make the planet Excalbia and the personnel Yarnek, both from the Original Series episode "The Savage Curtain."

But it's not too late for you to join in! There are a lot of decisions left to be made. Here's a run down of where we stand now, and an estimated schedule for the rest the process:


# Mission Step Personnel Step Start Date End Date Result
1 Nominate Location   Mon Jan 21 Wed Jan 23  
2 Vote on Location   Thu Jan 24 Sat Jan 26 TIE
2A Runoff Vote on Location   Sun Jan 27 Mon Jan 28 Excalbia  
3 Nominate Special Ability   Tue Jan 29 Thu Jan 31  
4 Vote on Special Ability Nominate Character Fri Feb 1 Sun Feb 3 TIE
4A Runoff Vote on Special Ability   Sun Jan 27 Mon Feb 4 No special ability  
5 Vote on Points Vote on Character Tue Feb 5 Thu Feb 7 40 Points / Yarnek
6 Nominate Requirements Nominate Special Skill/DL Fri Feb 8 Sun Feb 10  
7 Vote on Requirements Vote on Special Skill/DL Mon Feb 11 Wed Feb 13  
7A Runoff on Requirements Runoff on Special Ability Thu Feb 14 Fri Feb 15

Mission: Honor x4 + no Treachery OR Treachery x4 + no Honor OR Geology x4 + no Honor + no Treachery

Personnel: [SD] Away Teams present on planet may ignore affiliation battle restrictions.

8 Vote on Affiliations Vote on Skills Fri Feb 15 Sun Feb 17 Any Away Team / Anthropology, Geology, and Empathy
9 Nominate Lore Vote on Classification / Vote on Skill Order Sun Feb 17 Tue Feb 19 SCIENCE
9A   Runoff on Skill Order Thu Feb 21 Fri Feb 22 Anthropology, Geology, Empathy, Special Skill
10 Vote on Span Nominate/Vote on Icons Thu Feb 21 Sat Feb 23 SPAN 4 / No extra icons
11 Vote on Lore Vote on INTEGRITY / CUNNING / STRENGTH Sun Feb 24 Wed Feb 27  
11A Runoff on Lore Runoff on Attributes Wed Feb 27 Thu Feb 28 Excalbia: Make contact with rock-based life-form first encountered in the 23rd century. / INTEGRITY 5 - CUNNING 7 - STRENGTH 10
12 Vote on Image Nominate Lore /
Should Yarnek be a Shapeshifter?
Thu Feb 28 Sat Mar 2 Lava planet with the star in the background / Yes
13 Nominate Title Vote on Image Sun Mar 3 Tue Mar 5 Close up hero shot
14   Vote on Lore Wed Mar 6 Fri Mar 8  
15 Vote on Title Runoff on Lore Fri Mar 8 Sun Mar 10 Scientist and shape-shifter from Excalbia. Sought to discover whether good or evil was more powerful. Saw little difference.
16 Runoff on Title Vote on Name      


Don't forget to bookmark this page, and we'll be updating it with links to the appropriate discussion and voting threads. And if you miss any steps, we'll post the results so far here as well.

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