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Manassters 2 Side Events Update

by Ben Hosp, Child of Thanos

16th February 2019

I have some updates for you about side events at Manassters 2 on the weekend of March 1-3.

First, here’s a recap of the main event schedule:

Saturday March 2 at 10AM: Second Edition Masters (Hall of Fame format)

Sunday March 3 at 9AM: Tribbles Masters

Sundat March 3 at 11AM: First Edition Masters (OTF Format)


Now for the new information:

Friday evening (March 1), we’ll be trying out a new side event format:


Bring a standard deck (note that this is not a Hall of Fame event, so the Hall of Fame list of retired cards won’t be in effect.)

At the beginning of the tournament, Thanos bans half the cards in the game (except for missions and ships)

(Deck strongly recommended — the program that will implement this will read your deck list and tell you what cards need to come out.)

You can preregister for this questionable idea here.


Also, Sykes is running something he’s calling a “temporally-displaced Shattered Mirror release event” Saturday evening, I think it’s about achievements or something, seems kinda shady, you’ll have to ask him about it. 

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