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National Margarita Day and other 2E Events

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

22nd February 2019

Vote for Hurt and Heal.  Nathan Miracle started up a thread based on the dilemmas in Strange New Worlds.  It’s just starting, so you can have an impact on the front end of things.


Watch more of NastyNateTV.  He’s posted an interview with World Champion Greg Dillon on his winning deck, a Hall of Fame breakdown, and a Terok Nor mirror match (mirror as in the same deck, not alliance) deck against Jon Carter.  Note that this last event is only available for a limited time.  There’s also a Qpid First Impressions with Lucas Thompson.  Speaking of Qpid …


Put Survival of the Fittest in a deck.  The set just came out and he lonely!  Speaking of decks …


Look at the decks played last weekend.  There were two events, but in Kassel, Germany, Benjamin Liebich played a deck called This cake has raisins in it.  This Romulan deck has a hefty amount of events in it, but no cards outside the Romulan affiliation.


Meanwhile, in Acton, Massachusetts, Chris O’Connell’s nice big Klingon deck,Dragon Con Diplomacy, Klingon Style, comes with three great casting achievement worthy cards won the day.  It must be pretty nifty since this deck has yet to lose!  Brian O’Connell had a smaller Klingon deck.  Infestation of Klingons has no events at all and an infestation dilemma pile.  Lucas Thompson broke out his Empty Space Non-Aligned deck going for the cunning and high span achievements.  Read all about the event in his tournament report.


Travel.  Go to Orlando, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Marietta, Georgia or Mount Prospect, Illinois.  They have events going on this weekend.  Note that if you go to Georgia, you have to have more than one affiliation with at least fifteen percent of nouns per affiliation.  Math says the maximum is six.  If traveling and complete card pools aren't your thing, there's an online selaed event.  Card lists are beign sent out today.


Vote for Hurt and Heal.  You can only post every twenty-four hours, so you have two chances over the weekend.

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