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Dr. Seuss's Birthday and other 2E Event

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

1st March 2019

Read about 2019.  The rough, tentative and subject to change release schedule for Second Edition sets in 2019 is out.  Take a look and let us know what you are looking forward to.


Participate in a Thought Experiment.   Tied into the above, Maggie Geppert started a discussion on battle, which will be the focus of a set this year.  If you love battle, let us know why.  If you hate battle, let us know why. 


Travel. Mitte, Kassel; Seattle, Washington and Birmingham, Alabama will be hosting events this weekend.  If traveling isn’t your thing (or not within your budget) you can always play at The Dojo from the comfort of your home.


Also, there is a side event in Manassas Park, Virginia before Masters.  You bring your deck and a ‘Thanos snap’ gets rid of cards.  Ships and missions are safe, but redundant deck redundancy is recommended.


Look at Decks Played This Past Weekend.  In Orlando, Florida, Sean O’Reilly won the day with I have more INTEGRITY than you. This Bajoran deck has a good portion of Non-Aligned personnel.  Higher than average integrity won him a random achievement.  Rick Kinney went full Non-Aligned with The Wiser the Fewer II while Ted Reebel went the Khan route with Genetically Enhanced TRIH Version V 2.5.02.  CJ Ash played a New Romulan deck called D is for Discard.  Joseph Bazemore and Martin Drake rounded out the posted decks with a pair of Klingon ones called Q Built A Wall And Made Those Deplorable Klingons Pay For It and Klingon’s with commandeered ships, both deck titles are pretty good descriptions of their decks.


Marrietta, Georgia has a special event where you had to have multiple affiliations but at least fifteen percent of the nouns had to be dedicated to an affiliation.  Mike Shea’s Virtual Terok Nor 2018 Edition and Will Raiman’s DS9 Super Diversity Pals V are posted and I am presuming they took out the rogue personnel prior to the event.  In Mount Prospect, Illinois, Maggie Geppert made good on her promise to make a speed Klingon deck with Speedy Klingons.  It got top honors while Al Schaefer’s Terok Nor Mill deck, Discard Dilemmas 5th Time came in second.  Read their tournament reports here and here respectively. Rounding things out with Birmingham Alabama, Will Raiman played Cry Havoc, MkVI.  It takes advantage of both Commanders and Chula.  Michael Shea’s Bruta Force is a New Dominion Jem’Hadar heavy strength deck.


Marvel at the wonders of Birmingham, Alabama.  They had ten players at an event this past weekend.  It wasn’t a regional, league or anything special like that.  Two groups just got together and had a huge event.

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