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International Women's Day and Other 2E Events This Weekend

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

8th March 2019

Set your clocks ahead.  For those of us observing Daylight Savings time, you lose an hour.  It’s also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.


Look at Dilemmas.  The Hurt and heal for Strange New Worlds is almost over, at least as of this writing.  That means you have some time to look at the dilemmas for To Boldly Go.  Headquarters Dilemmas and some toerh great ones, includign Agonizing Encounter.


Make a donation.  Have you given to the Committee lately?  Do so and you can get a nifty badge honoring the latest set,


Watch Youtube.  Nate has a new video on his Youtube channel.  He goes through an interactive Romulan capture deck.  Note that this is aimed at beginners.


Travel. Go to Freemont, California or Birmingham, Alabama because they’ve got some events going on.


Look at decks.  This past weekend, our Second Edition Rules Master (Mistress?) Amber Van Breeman played the latest iteration of Tripple HQ Relativity, winning the day.  Meanwhile, In Kassel, Germany,  Johannes Mette played, and won with,  a deck call LOL – I am Smarter Than You, a TNG deck going with cunning-favored personnel.


But the big event was Masters.  Before that big event, there was a debut of a Thanos Snap format.  You bring a deck and Thanos gets rid of half the cards.  Ships are safe as are missions; anything else is fair game.  Bear that in mind when you look at the decks such as Lucas Thompson’s Thanos Goes to Boreth deck, with DS9 joining the Klingons in fighting.  John Corbett and Ben Hosp both went with the newest headquarters with the Alliance.  Both decks went the battle route as well.


The Hall of Fame made its debut with the class of 2019.  Be sure to look out for the Road to Worlds article for Michael Van Breeman’s winning fat Borg deck.  John Corbett went with another big Borg deck called Small, Vocal Minority.  Lucas Thompson came in second with an Overwhelmed Klingon High Council deck appropriately titled Six Drink Lucas.  Be sure to look at his tournament report, too.  Brian Sykes played an equipment Starfleet focused Hazardous Genetic Material.  Ben Hosp’s Nip it in the Bud is a New Bajor deck with only two Artifacts but a whole heck of a lot Bajoran Resistance. John Paul Veasey’s Fed Prototype Stealers is TOS, but doesn’t skimp on the DS9.  Joshua Sheets brought back cadets in a TNG deck called Things are never as bad as they seem.  They are usually worse.

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