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The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About World Championship Trek

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

21st October 2008

World Championship Trek (WCT) begins this December as we kick-off our first worldwide league season. For more details, or to sign up to be a League Director, please download our WCT Director's Guide. In the meantime, here are ten (10) things everyone should know about our league program, in no particular order:

  1. The league is designed for two major purposes, both related: a) to keep players playing the game, and b) to be fun!

  2. The league system is designed for a series of sanctioned tournaments, but they aren't required to be! Your league can do any kind of alternate formats, sanctioned or otherwise, you think will be fun.

  3. For the more competitive players, World Championship Trek will provide an alternative path to the World Championship, ultimately awarding a Worlds bye equal to that of a Continental Champion.

  4. League players have a shot at getting their hands on two different foils this year: Investigate Maquis Activity and Amnesty Talks.

  5. A worldwide league ranking will be posted after each event, so you can compare your standing with players from around the world!

  6. World Championship Trek is based on the system used by League Coordinator John Corbett for the past five years. It's a proven system we're excited to roll-out on a world-wide scale.

  7. The 2008-2009 season is really "half" a league season, and is being used as a test and a guide for next year's full season. Your participation and your feedback will ensure that subsequent seasons are better and even more fun!

  8. The WCT system is open-ended and customizable, allowing each league to tailor itself to the players in the player group where it is run.

  9. Players earn WCT points for each event they participate in. Eventually, they'll be eligible for special prizes just by having earned certain numbers of points.

  10. In addition to the foils, League Directors will have a new, special AI Virtual Card for all participants:

Of course, the ones that league participants get won't have the Continuing Committee logo on it, and will be legal in standard tournament play effective December 1st, 2008!

Do you have questions about World Championship Trek? Download our WCT Director's Guide or discuss the league plans in our official forum.

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