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Red Nose Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

15th March 2019

Watch more of NastyNateTV.  Neator played a slipstream game with his Borg deck against Frizinger’s Dominion.  The game is in two very convenient parts for your viewing pleasure, with plenty fo commentary throughout.  Note that the game is in slipstream format.  Speaking of which…


Look at the Companion thread.  There is a thread on the forums debating the merits of the slipstream format.  What do you think of it?  Please take a look and feel fee to chime in should the spirit grab you.


Help out Maggie.  Our Executive Officer has another deck that needs your help.  This time, she’s doing Ferengi without Acquisition.  Is this a hidden achievement?  We’ll never know unless she wins, so help make her deck better. 


Enjoy a tutorial.  Edge of Hearing has made an infographic about how to play the game.  It’s a good refresher and something you can use to help teach the game.  Even if you're familiar with teh game, it is worthy of your valuable time


Travel.  There are tournaments this week in Dessau, Germany; Orlando, Florida; Matthews, North Carolina; Hart bei Graz Austria; Atlanta Georgia and Acton, Massachusetts


This is normally the part of the weekly update where I would highlight the posted decks played this past weekend, but none are at the time of this writing.  Ross is sad.

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