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Second Edition Update: World Meteorological Day Edition

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

22nd March 2019

Here are some Second Edition related activites for this weekend!


Talk about species.  There’s a fairly settled thread on the gameplay forum about whether or not B’Elanna Torres is a Klingon.  Spoiler: No!  Feel free to take a look if you haven’t. 


Travel.  Roseville, Minnesota; Mount Prospect, Illinois; Camberwell, Greater London, United Kingdom and Marietta, Georgia are hosting tournaments over the weekend.  You can stay in Camberwell for a spell since they are hosting not one but two events.  Although these are all constructed events, if you go to Georgia, make sure your deck is Alliance, Cardassian, Dominion or Terok Nor in honor of Mike Shea’s Birthday.  Also …


Wish Mike Shea a Happy Birthday!  Feel free to sing him either copywritten Birthday Song.  Speaking of which …


Keep Keevan in Jail!  In anticipation of the Mike Shea Bash (TM), there’s a thread on how you can get him out of the brig.  Spoiler: You can’t!  Feel free to partake when you have a moment!


Look at decks from this past weekend.  Last week, I was sad because no one posted their decks.  This week, the community delivered!


Thomas Weidemann played a self explanatory Species 8472 TOS Mirror.  Benjamin Leibich broke out It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the muppets on the muppet show tonight v1.1.  This is the second go around for this deck, this time with a bit more diverse and robust collection of dilemmas.  Johannes Mette’s deck won the day with his Dominion LOL – I am stronger than you.


Matthew McClain played Treacherous Klingons Love Planet Conquest 2019.  There are some cards from Far Beyond the Stars and Shattered Mirror in this deck for you to try out.  Martin Drake played Our Own Dominion Deck while Rick Kinney went with Klingon Solver.  Sean O’Reilly did well with his Nining to the Gamma Quadrant and Joseph Bazemore’s Sad Borg Losers (Make Assimilation Great Again) did much better than the title would imply with Borg dissident’s.  Ted Reebel’s Relativity (Updated) Triple HQ deck won the day.


Nathan Miracle played, and won the day, with 05. Bajoran Three Man Band.  He was helped by not a single player having any micro-team hate, thought that will surely change going forward.  Don’t take my word for it, read it all in his tournament report.


Nerdopolis Prime’s MACO and Chula Tacos (sound yummy!) is what you would expect.  Julius Melhardt’s Shouldn’t we have turned left back there? is a mid-sized Klingon solver while Michael Albercht’s Khan is Back uses the most recent card for that faction from Qpid.  Stefan Slaby won the day with Just Jemming, a deck that is out for blood.


Lucas Thompson played a Tsukatse and Dominion Red Match District.  He did well, but sadly didn’t get anyone with his Target of Opportunity, according to his tournament report.  This deck also features a good number of ships, enough for the Tacking into the Wind achievement, if you are so inclined.  Matthew Zinno played Putting the K in KCA, trying out the latest headquarters.  It won the day for him, but it didn’t play out quite the way he had in mind.  Feel free to read all about it in his tournament report.  Matt S won his event with a Terok Nor Why face dilemmas? mill deck, which ahs enough dilemmas to not get in trouble with itself.


What is your favorite deck from this past weekend?  What would you being deckwise to celebrate Mike Shea’s Birthday?

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