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On Second Thought: Where the cards lay

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

25th March 2019

Every month, I post a blog.  Here are the first paragraphs for March.


One of the most fun things about the game is seeing where new cards are assimilated into the game.  For some, it’s more obvious than others.  If there’s a new Chula dilemma, for example, you’ve got a pretty good idea where it will go in terms of dilemma piles.  Though it might be able to stand on its own, like Chula: The Dice did for some time in and of itself before receiving an augmentation from Chula: The Game.  The playtesting team does a great job of making sure cards are balanced, but they can’t test every single possible combination.


As another example, take Species 8472.  They came onto the scene with the ability to work with practically anyone.  Over time, they found to work best with The Original Series of all factions.  They by far work the best with that strategy, something that no one suspected and just happened to evolve over time.  You also have some outliers from time to time, such as trying out the Coil Spanner and Hydrospanner with a Romulan Deck.  There are some cards in sets where it is inherently obvious where they will go in terms of decks, but other times, not so much.


Which brings me to the most recently released set, Qpid.


Check out the rest in my blog.


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