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Errata for the Beginning of April

by Matthew Zinno, Lirpa Owner

1st April 2019

The Errata Team has been looking recently into complaints about the strong decks of the [22] cycle.  Many recent events have been dominated by 22nd-Century decks (i.e. cards from Star Trek: Enterprise), and we are worried that these types of decks are too high above the power curve.  And so, we have started to take action.  We have crunched our first set of numbers, and determined that the most important affiliation to address first … is the Ferengi. 


Happy April!  First on the list is their strong draw-and-point engine.  Secondary Market will let you convert commandeered ships into points and draws.  Ulis gives you easy access to the card, with his special download.  And it’s not that hard for the Ferengi to commandeer ships, what with not only Krem, who downloads Commandeer Ship, but also further cards like A Fast Ship Would Be Nice.  In addition, Ferengi Gas Trap can let you use Secondary Market even without commandeering.  And everyone has seen how easy it is to get that card out, with the simple combo of playing Cargo Vessel free to the Docking Ports of a Nor, downloading ’45 Dom Perignon to a Holosuite, then discarding both for the Quetsivoo, and using its special download.   To correct this imbalanced situation, those special downloads on Ulis, Krem, and the Quetsivoo have been erased, and Secondary Market itself has changed its benefit to draws or points.  The cards are still there, you’ll just have to draw into them. 


Another power card not involved in that particular cycle is Muk.  He has a special download that lets him grab any other one of the [Fer] [22] personnel, or any [22] Equipment.  The unspecified variety of this download was seen to be too flexible an ability, letting you have instant access to quite a lot of skills, not to mention CUNNING boosts and a Cloaking Device.  In addition, it was possible to activate the download on the opponent’s turn, allowing you to trigger a draw from Finally Ready to Swim, and get more draws out of this engine that are accounted for by your own turns.  And all this power of Muk was available from the start of the game, since his SECURITY classification means he can be downloaded with Defend Homeworld.  So with today’s change, his download has become somewhat more specific: it’s only on your turn, and is limited to [22] weapons. 


Finally, we made another small change to the skill-rich Krem.  From a Trek Sense perspective, we found (it was quite obvious, really) that the FCA skill didn’t really belong.  I mean, really, what’s up with that?  FCA is only something that existed in the Deep Space Nine series, and there’s no justification for having it on a [22] personnel.  


We hope that with these changes, the [22] playing field will be appropriately reduced, and cards from other eras will once again have their chance to shine.   Happy April First from the Errata Team!

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