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Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

19th April 2019

Here are some second edition related things you can do this weekend.


Discuss. There are some forum posts that might be of interest.  Perhaps most important is that Nick Yankovic is looking for a deck to for his ten year old niece to play.  I know several of you have brought your children or your relatives children or young friends of the family to events.  Some even have enough for their own tournament.  This is a great thread to participate in for the future of the community and game.


There’s also a thread about relying on only one ship in your deck.  Not necessarily one ship in the entire draw deck, but one unique ship.  That thread is also bringing up discussions about stocking ships in your deck.  You’ll also find a thread about the benefits and drawbacks of the Slipstream format.  Finally, how you wondered how Pseudopod and Bashir Founder interact?  They don’t and you can find out why.


Look at decks. This past weekend, Jon Carter played with Relativity to great effect with Workhorse.  Me, not so much with Tripple HQ Relativity 1.3.  Read all about it in Jon’s report.  Benjamin Liebich played a pure TNG Aus bohmen kommt die music and Johannes Mette played his TNG The Wrath of Yodelotto taking the victory with a pretty classic deck although there are some new tricks.  Read all about it in his tournament report.  Daniel Giddings played a Ferengi I’ll be your waiter for this evening, which had an appropriate focus on the keyword.  Nicholas Yankovec kept his Khan streak alive with Khan 2019.


The German Regional is Kassel was virtual.  Keep that in mind as you look at Florian Ott’s Multi Kulti Virtual Regional 2019 and Tjark Ott’s Tic, Tac, Tos Virtual Regional 2019, a deck that isn’t as full as The Motion Picture personnel as you would think.  Johannes Mette played a modified version of the Cardassian I Printed my Whole Deck!  Benjamin Liebich won the day with A Red Sun Rises.  Blood Has Been Spilled This Night.


Travel.  Atlanta, GeorgiaKassel Germany and Linz, Austria are all holding events this holiday weekend (-ish, Austria's is techncially on Tuesday).

Discuss this article in this thread.

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