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by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

16th May 2019

With the goal of getting popular characters some representation in Second Edition (ones who have thus far not appeared), it turned out that the highest priority character for most of the people involved was Captain Jellico. He took his time arriving in First Edition too, waiting until the second-to-last full set, Holodeck Adventures. Well, for Second Edition, he has waited for a full Forty-Eight sets to appear in A Less Perfect Union!

Edward Jellico

While many of the other characters from our (Nathan and me) side of the set have pretty subtle and/or simple abilities, we knew that we wanted this guy to be a little flashier than that. We both rewatched Chain of Command to look for themes we could use, and these were some of our notes from "The Jellico Thread" on the design subforum:

From there, we started forming the idea of Jellico stopping a personnel to mill the opponent's deck. We started off with just straight discarding (which was way too powerful), then incrementally dialed it back to just interrupts (from his expertise on Cardassians). Though we agreed he wouldn't necessarily be subject to TNG symmetry, we ended up circling back and adding symmetry to his ability for balance - he levels the playing field, so to speak,

The type of personnel he stops to activate his ability also fluctuated a bit: we liked him as someone who rewards expertise, so at first it was a personnel with two levels of a skill. Ultimately, we felt that it was too important for him to be able to stop Riker with his ability (and only one existing Riker has two natural levels of a skill), so we sought out some other things. Eventually, we settled on "your personnel present with a skill required by this mission" which did a few things we liked. First, it allowed you to stop Riker, while still being someone with an important skill. Second, it means that you've got to be out at a mission to do your interference stuff. No sitting at home and manipulating decks - Jellico is a man of action. Get out there, and Get it done!

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