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Data and Picard: Android, Captain, Civilians, Spies

by David Runyon, Staff Writer

8th November 2008

Need a Romulan version of Jadzia Dax? Need a Civilian Android with more than one skill? Need a good reason to wear a burlap robe to a Star Trek convention? Look no further than Data and Picard.

Now available in two delightful colors (Federation blue and Romulan green), this personnel has almost all the charm of Jadzia (Archaeology, Anthropology, and Astrophysics) with double the attributes. Perfect for stealing missions or opening up possibilities for your own mission selection. The dual affiliation allows the Federation’s favorite Android (and his favorite Captain) to easily attempt missions across the Neutral Zone.

They even make a crackerjack contribution in the Delta Quadrant, carrying all the skills to solve Inversion Mystery, locking-up 35 points in a jiffy (if you can just get them there and past the dilemmas).

So why should you play this card, either in classic green or new blue? Let me summarize.

  1. Powerhouse attributes (totals of 16-20-18)
  2. Fantastic skills (Archaeology, Anthropology, Astrophysics, and Computer Skill, along with the never-have-too-much Diplomacy and Engineer, all on a double Civilian)
  3. Dual affiliation = mission possibilities
  4. One card, one mission: Inversion Mystery
  5. Picard’s best haircut ever!

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