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National Limerick Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

10th May 2019

Here are some Second Edition related events you can do this weekend!


Watch Star Trek.  The next set is on the verge of being revealed to the masses.  The faction making a big splash is Terra Prime.  This is as good a time as any to watch the final duology of Enterprise.  Demons and Terra Prime are often considered to be the among better of the series.


Visit the front page.  There’s a banner and there will soon be information coming.  It’s always a great idea to check it out occasionally and see what’s coming up.  Hrmm, there’s been no mention on the forums.  Too bad, I might have another teaser to drop …


Join in discussions.  Yranac has been a hot item of discussion in terms of his usefulness, particularly his ability.  There’s also a discussion about Lethal Wound.  Feel free to weigh in on the topic of a tactic to battle a million attributes.  Finally, there’s a thread about Sub HQs in anticipation of the next set.


Enter the Road to Worlds.  Lucas Thompson’s Road to Worlds contest enters week seven.  Remember that you are looking for the greatest ratings gain this year, not simply the untimate winner.


Travel.  Marietta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida are having events this weekend.  The former is a regional with fifteen people attending.  If you go to Orlando, stay for MegaCon!


Read about decks.  There were some great decks played this past weekend.  Cameron Corbett broke out a holographic Kill your Human Oppressors! with some good old fashioned fun.  Brandy Corbett played Creative Limitation, a Romulan deck aimed at last years’ Chairman’s Challenge. 


Julius Melhardt played Commerce is Everywhere with Dominion/Ferengi Commodities, updated with some current tricks.  Michael Albrecht played a New Dominion The regionality of the GQ.  Josepf Lemberger played Glory for Cardassia in a Klingon-Cardassian Alliance deck that is authored by devotion to MVB with a pretty good mix of cards.


Sticking to Austria, Peter Machovits played a TOS Solver and Michael Albrecht played Relativity This is Coming to Austria.  Julius Melhardt tried to make A Holographic Nation using the latest that faction has to offer.  Josef Lemberger played a solid The Next Generation Solver called Sixpack on the run.  Stefan Slaby did well with his New Romulas Knowledge Shift.


Wow, I’ve dropped a lot of hints about the next set in this update!  Did I mention that seven of the decks above get a boost?  Though our Executive Officer will make a case for eight soon enough.

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