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Major Rakal: Empaths in Disguise

by David Runyon, Staff Writer

8th November 2008

The first dual-affiliation card released by Decipher (along with Stefan DeSeve), Major Rakal has long been the Romulans’ go-to gal for Empathy. Now available in flashy Federation blue (I always thought Deanna looked great in blue), Major Rakal is ready to step up for either the Romulans or the Federation, and she’ll look great doing it!

Playable for free at the Continuing Committee (with Tal Shiar), Rakal is ready to step up with a couple of skills for either affiliation. For the Romulans, she brings Tal Shiar and Empathy; both skills are fairly rare in the Romulan Empire. She also contributes Treachery, which just helps her fit in among the rest of the pointy-eared crowd. For the Federation, Rakal loses Treachery, Tal Shiar, and one Cunning but gains Diplomacy (she is Deanna, after all) and four Integrity.

In Federation mode, she’s not very different from the Premiere version of Deanna Troi, except for one thing: the Alternate Universe icon. Unlike almost every other version of Deanna, this one is immune to timeline disruptions in 2063.

On that note, Major Rakal (in Federation mode) has her own one-person mission: First Contact. Requiring just Diplomacy and Empathy, this 30-point cakewalk is a perennial favorite of Ms. Troi. That Rakal gives the Romulans access makes it even sweeter.

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