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5 missions for 5 great slipstream decks

by Fritz Meissner, Ambassador

16th May 2019

My group in Cape Town is hosting the world's only slipstream regional of 2019. We've found slipstream to be an excellent format for weekly trek nights (it's possible to play 3 or 4 games in a row and still be home at a reasonable hour), and now it's time to try it in a serious event.

To help people who want to play slipstream, here are five (5) slipstream deck ideas based on missions that make it really easy to reach 50 points. Each idea is based on a mission that is better than average at scoring you a lot of points.

(If you're used to the full game (100 points, 2+ missions), here's a quick refresher: under slipstream rules you only need to solve one mission and have 50 points to win.)

5. Brute Force

It requires really common skills for Klingons, who are also high in strength. Read the text - you get 5 extra points if you're only attempting with Klingon affiliation personnel only. So put those Non-aligned personnel away, and pack high strength klingons with lots of leadership and security.

You can focus your deck - in a 35 card deck, it will be really easy to include 10 or more personnel with leadership or security. Some really good personnel have multiple of each: Gowron, Sole Leader of the Empire, or Chang, Gorkon's Chief of Staff. Don't skimp - you will be really sorry trying to find 3 security if you only have 5 in your deck.

See it in action: here

How to get the other points: so you're getting 45 points from Brute Force. In the deck above, it's really easy to score points through ship battle. Otherwise, look at B'aht Qul Challenge. Include some more 40 point missions such as Deliver Ancient Artifact and Signal for Rescue to give yourself a greater chance of winning the contest.

Backup options: every plan goes wrong. If for some reason Brute Force stops looking like a good candidate (maybe your opponent stacked 2x Chula: the Game there), try solving Deliver Ancient Artifact. Your BaH! or B'aht Qul challenge will still get you to 50 points.

How to play against it: Necessary Execution and Neural Parasites are really good at planet missions. Don't leave home without them!

4. Practice Orbital Maneuvers

This mission is all about cadets. Cadets were designed to be cheap but mostly not that good except at this one weird mission where their "while facing a dilemma" skills count for real. Of course, in slipstream you only need to solve one mission. Your swarm of personnel will become even more valuable with U.S.S. Enterprise-J and Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man which both trigger at POM.

See it in action: astonishingly, I couldn't find any examples of slipstream cadets so this one is left as an exercise for the reader.

How to get the other points: consider U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Federation Flagship, or U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Diplomatic Envoy (Pulling Rank is really good with this card, especially if Leonard McCoy is around). If you are missing 5 points, try Guinan, Listener.

Backup options: this is tricky because many of your personnel are much better at POM than they are anywhere else. Pack Self-Replicating Roadblock to ward off Chula: the Game or The Clown: Go Away.

How to play against it: you know what mission they are gunning for, and that they're unlikely to go elsewhere so it will be easy to keep your interference cards close to them. Sela, Mysterious Operative absolutely destroys cadets. If you're not playing an interference deck, Becalmed is a easy include: it only costs 2 because POM is a 2 span mission, and will likely stop 3 personnel because your opponent will bring attribute boosting cards.

3. Kressari Rendezvous

Terok Nor really likes this mission because they have two (Odo) good (Mavek) download options for the equipment, the skills are really easy and the attributes required are low.

See it in action: this is a fairly old list, but still a good skeleton. Swap the Batleth's out for Cardassian Phaser Pistols (Batleth could previously be played by any affiliation, now they are Klingon only).

How to get the other points: Odo, Bajoran Representative is the easiest option.

Backup options: Kressari decks tend to invest a lot in getting the hand weapons to their favourite mission so you're not in good shape if you can't do this one. Solve another mission and get extra points with the Tenak'talar, Weyoun's Warship.

How to play against it: Equipment Malfunction and Insurrection are great options, but don't spam 3 of each in your dilemma pile as they won't be that useful against many other decks.

2. Earth, Humanity's Home

This one is a bit of a cheat in the context of this list: An HQ mission that will give you 10 points for free with any space mission. At first glance it appears very risky because you only get the bonus if you solve your space mission before your opponent. But consider this: in this format, if your opponent has solved a space mission before you, you've probably lost the game already.

See it in action: here

How to get the other points: if you solve a 40 point mission like Sphere 41 (my preference) you don't need any extra points.

Backup options: If you want to use a 35 point mission (often slightly easier) pick a Delphic Expanse space mission like Investigate Derelict so that excellent cards like Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain still work. Play A Sight for Sore Eyes before solving your mission, then once you solve the mission you'll have your 50 (but don't be playing it after you solve - that won't work!).

How to play against it: Get rid of Jonathan Archer, Damaged Captain using Secret Identify or choice kills. In the Delphic Expanse region he is a massive headache for many very popular dilemmas, e.g. Adopted Authority or Becalmed or Hard Time. Alternatively, play a kill pile.

1. Wolf 359

This is possibly the strongest card in slipstream. It's a 50 point mission that only requires cunning > 32. Its only a drawback doesn't affect you in slipstream. Think about it: you have to destroy your ship after solving, but the game will end immediately when you solve.

See it in action: I believe Johanne's Mette's build is undefeated.

How to get the other points: you don't need any, but if you did, the Future Enterprise has you covered.

Backup options: if your opponent has you locked out at Wolf 359, the above deck is also really good at Sha Ka Ree.

How to play against it: Becalmed and Adopted Authority are really cheap and really good against the most popular builds, since they use U.S.S. Enterprise-J and Leonard McCoy, Remarkable Man to boost attributes. Artificial Ability will shut down a megateam. Reduce their weapons with a Gomtuu Shock Wave. If you are playing interference, you don't have to guess where to take your assassins or infiltrators - they'll probably end up at Wolf 359. Bring Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor to stop them from micro-teaming.


So there you have it, 5 deck ideas for your next slipstream event. Even if you've already got your deck, it's a good idea to understand what each does so you can plan your game against them. Pay attention to the cards that appear in more than one of them, and especially think about the cards that were mentioned multiple times in this article. Good luck!

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