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National No Dirty Dishes Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

18th May 2019

Here are some Second Edition things for you to enjoy this weekend.

A new set!  A Less Perfect Union is being spoiled right now!  Be sure to check the site each day for new cards.  There are also some great articles being written for some of the cards.


Search the Internet.  If there was ever a time to scour the internet for spoilers, surely this is it.  A whopping eight cards are reserved for social media purposes; that’s over a quarter of the set!


Check the forums.  There’s a thread on the forums for the rules associated with the new two sided cards.  You can also debate the merits of Reprimand.  Finally, you can guess what deck Benjamin Leibich will play at German Nationals.


Enter the Road to Worlds Contest.  The Road to Worlds contest is in its eighth week.  Get in your entry for who will have the biggest ratings gain.


Travel. Kassel, Germany; Manassas Park, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia and Denison, Texas are hosting events this weekend.  Note that if you go to Virginia, your deck has to be Hall of Fame Compliant.  If you enjoy the deck lottery in Germany, stick around for Nationals.


Read.   There are several decks from this past weekend that you might want to look over.  Scott Baughman played Maquis Engage with some interference while Mike Gillespie played Dathon and the Jemmies, a Terok Nor deck featuring the Enterprise J and everyone’s favorite Tamarian.  Andrea Smith played The Next Generation using all dual dilemmas thus qualifying for an achievement.  JediMaster42 played a Deep Space Nine Why Build When I Can Steal from MVB?, a deck has a very sleek dilemma pile. Will Raiman played a Klingon Cry Havoc! MkVII and Michael Shae played Flying Purple People Eater 2019 Regional Edition.  Matt S played a Basic Nor while Jon Carter went with Khan and you can read all about it in his Tournament Report.  Nic Brautigam played TNG Regional-19 although I’m presuming he had some dilemmas with that nice thick deck.  Greg Hodgin played a high point Next Generation deck 2019 Regionals.


Meanwhile, Martin Drake played Klingons Go Delta.  John Kinney played a You Can’t Do That featuring Starfleet, Deep Space Nine and every mission required by the factions without a Headquarters.  Ted Reebel played an Original Series Tribbles Sabotaged the Transporters with a lot of personnel to fuel Sabotaged Transporter while packing in ways to play them for less.  Matthew McCain played Putting the D Back into Dominion featuring their most recent headquarters.  Joseph Bazemore brought out The Next Generation with Fake Border Crisis.  Sean O’Reilly played Cardassian Cards of Future Past deck entirely compromised of Past, Future or Alternate Universe cards as appropriate for an achievement. Rick Kinney won teh day with his Next Generation Oscar Meyer Would be Proud.  Read all about it in his Tournament Report.

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