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On Second Thought: Now Recruiting!

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

19th May 2019

Every month, I post a blog.  Here are the first paragraphs for May.


Modular Transport

It’s time to talk recruitment for Terra Prime.  These sub factions always have some sort of mechanic to expand their personnel ranks beyond the printed cards.  The Dissident Borg have a ship for that.  The followers of Khan have a way to make personnel genetically enhanced.  Equinox will work with any dirty Voyager crewmember.


The way to get personnel from outside the newly minted Starfleet Dissidents is on display with Modular Transport.  Similar to their Borg Dissident counterparts, you do kind of need the ship out to make use of it in terms of recruitment bolstering their ranks, but once you do, you’re ready to rock.  In one fell swoop, you cannot have to worry about as many kills in space.  If one of your non-unique humans is killed by a dilemma, you can replace them with one from your hand. 


There are some great nuanced advantages in this card.  For one, cost doesn’t matter; you can easily, and probably should, trade up.  Most importantly, that personnel joins in the mission attempt right away, so you can reap in the benefits without having to wait another turn.  You do have to be a bit careful with how you craft your deck, though.  For one, it has to be a space mission to work.  For another, you can’t have a Starfleet Officer, but other affiliations are good.


Check out the rest in my blog!

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