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So Logical. So Pointy.

by Daniel Giddings, Staff Writer

20th May 2019

It’s now common knowledge that the smaller of the two themes for A Less Perfect Union was the addition of some long overdue ‘fan favourites’ to 2E. So far, three favourites have been revealed: Hawk Drone (winner of WotC V), Miral Paris, and Edward Jellico.

Now it’s my pleasure to present an article about the third, a pleasure heightened by the fact that he was one of my original picks in the WotC contest.

Introducing: Vorik


(For the completionists amongst you, Vorik came in joint seventh in that contest, taking 11 votes in the third heat, the same as JG Hertzler’s “Saratoga Captain” in the second heat.)

As Vorik already has presence in 1E, there was a template from which to ‘punch-up’; he’s retained his Engineer, Geology, and Physics, dropped Anthropology and Mindmeld, but gained Programming and Transporters. His stats remain on par for a Vulcan in 2E.

Vorik by the numbers

Not counting different personae, Vorik is [Voy]’s tenth Cunning 7 personnel, sixth Strength 7 personnel, and its ninth Geology personnel. (Special shout out to Geology, as all his other skills are in double digits amongst the Voyager crew.)

In the [DQ], he provides at least one skill to 20 of the 32 missions attemptable by a [Fed] [NA] crew*, most notably providing more than half the skills and one sixth of the Cunning required to complete Harness Omega Particle, using the [Bor] [NA] requirements (and assuming you’re dragging a [NA] body along).

His game text allows a maximum of a +4 bump to his attributes, meaning he can become a 9/11/11 any time during the mission attempt, until the end of the attempt, even after the last dilemma’s been dealt with, and you’re totting up mission requirements.

However, as his attribute boost is dependent on the number of cards on a Decay event, he’s going to want to be played with events that can get stacked in a Voyager deck. At the time of writing, there are 30 Decay events, but, not counting the ones with cultural reinforcement or conditioning (e.g. Cardassian Protectorate or Five Year Mission), there are 9 Decay events that one might choose:

Now, some of these are better calls than others, but I'm sure there are two or three on the list that one might regularly consider using in a [Fed] deck stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

I think he's great, and a solid addition to the Voyager crew.

At this point in proceedings, it's customary to link to a deck, but I'm not going to bother, as I think Vorik makes a solidly unflappable addition to any Voyager deck one chooses to play.



* Workings available on request


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